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APYC History - Volume 12

Thomas Stieber was elected the 1994 Commodore of All Ports Yacht Club. He and Lady Diane docked their 31 foot Silverton, named "Walking Tall," at D dock in Venetian Marina.

The Commodore's Weekend began at the Holiday Inn, Strongsville on Jan. 29-31,1994. At the Friday night bridge meeting, Tom revealed his plans to take the club in a new direction: "As of Jan.1,1994 All Ports has permission to use and consider Venetian Marina their home port. There will be new signs at the marina's entrance and gas docks to inform others of our new status. Laminated membership cards, member handbooks, dock-box logos, and club clothing will further identify APYC members."

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APYC History - Volume 13

In 1995 Naomi McCloskey became the first woman commodore of All Ports Yacht Club. There were 42 members and guests in attendance at her installation dinner. Her husband, Past Commodore Larry McCloskey, swore in the new officers. Tom Stieber thanked everyone for their help in the past year and presented flags to the new bridge. Naomi then presented Tom with past commodore bars and stripes, and flag. Past Commodore Stieber was to be inducted into Blue Gavel at the July meeting.

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APYC History - Volume 14

In 1997 Commodore Robert (Bob) Dotter and Lady Judy held their Commodore's Ball at Quaker Square in Akron. Everyone liked the new location and format. It was a very enjoyable weekend.

Commodore Bob and Lady Judy continued the club's traditional activities. They enjoyed traveling on their spacious 37 foot Silverton. The Dotters attended one of AYC's regattas at Cooley Canal with other club members to participate in AYC activities. Commodore Dotter resigned in August to remain in Columbus, where he still lives with Lady Judy, enjoying his grandchildren's activities.

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APYC History - Volume 15

Michael Dobransky became our 1997 Commodore. He and Lady Connie had a Sea Ray on D-dock in Venetian Marina called, "It's Only Money." Mike's ball was well-attended, as were the activities that he planned for the club.

As Past Commodore, he and Lady Sandy were very active with the Club Poker Runs, Christie Lane, and Make-A-Wish activities held at Kelly's Island. Mike often served as speaker for other balls or helped with club ceremonies. Past Commodore Dobransky also served as a ILYA delegate and a GCBA delegate for many years. Eventually, Mike docked at Cedar Point where he could entertain his family and grandchildren.

Diane Stieber

APYC History - Volume 16

At the August 30, 1997 General Membership meeting, Robert Babik, "Bob," was elected commodore for the 1998 boating season. He and Lady Judy had a 30 foor Sea Ray on D-5. They were enthusiastic supporters of APYC, and they planned many activities for the club. An All Ports Yacht Club newsletter link chronicals these ideas. Many of these ideas were implemented by Commodore Bob and Lady Judy, resulting in excellent attendance by the memberts throughout the season. It was a very enjoyable year.

Diane Stieber

September 1997 News

APYC History - Volume 17

Tom Hancock was Commodore of All Ports in 1998-1999. Prior to that period, he served as club trasurer for several years, beginning in 1994. During that time frame, he managed to balance the books that had been neglected in previous years due to the inactivity of the club.

Upon election to club commodore, Tom became one of the youngest commodores. He led the club faithfully, trying some new activities.

Tom's Commodore's Ball was located at Wyndham in downtown Cleveland. Felicia Madden helped to make the event a huge success. Friday night ball activities wereinitiated by tom, but participants paid for their own Friday night expenses.

Tom Stieber served as Master of Ceremonies for Tom's Saturday night instillation. Due to nerves of other migitating circumstances, Mr, Stieber mispronounced several key words which let to a hilarious evening. One mispronounciation occurred while administering the "oaf of office"; another was to refer to the previous commodore's wife as "Lady Ludy." Bothe Wyndham staff and club members remember that evening with a smile on their faces.

One new activity Tom initiated was to serve light snacks at the club meetings. Most meetings occurred Saturday nights and to encourage member attendance, light snacks were served at no cost. Dome ofthe snacks include ice cream sundaes with ice cream supplied by Dwayne Cornell of Milk and Honey in Canton, and served by Ben Truthan. Sub sandwiches and Cameo pizza were also procided during the year.

During Tom's year, the clug's fouled anchor logo was developed and was used for many years. With Tom and Diane Stieber's help, All PortsYacht Club enjoyed a joint membership at the Italian American Club. The AYC delegate dinner was held at the IAB in 1999. Sadly the IAB is no longer in business.

Also during Tom’s year, the club’s website was developed under the guidance of Larry Truthan and Mark Weller. Today our website is a strong marketing tool for the club with Irene Rodrigues as the current webmaster.

Tom’s final weekend as commodore of the club was a cookout/potluck and DJ music evening. The members danced to the tunes provided by DJs Tom Hancock and Bobby Sowa, more commonly known as the Bob and Tom show. Tom and Bob provided an amusing evening of music and jokes which the members quite enjoyed.

The club membership grew under Tom’s capable leadership. Club cruses were well attended. Meeting attendance was strong. Tom Left the club in a good status at the end of his year.

Written by Lady Joanne Hancock, 2016