APYC History - Volume 12

Thomas Stieber was elected the 1994 Commodore of All Ports Yacht Club. He and Lady Diane docked their 31 foot Silverton, named "Walking Tall," at D dock in Venetian Marina.

The Commodore's Weekend began at the Holiday Inn, Strongsville on Jan. 29-31,1994. At the Friday night bridge meeting, Tom revealed his plans to take the club in a new direction: "As of Jan.1,1994 All Ports has permission to use and consider Venetian Marina their home port. There will be new signs at the marina's entrance and gas docks to inform others of our new status. Laminated membership cards, member handbooks, dock-box logos, and club clothing will further identify APYC members."

On Saturday there was an installation dinner, followed by drinks and dancing in the lounge. Each person paid for their meal / lodging, and the Commodore provided complimentary drinks. On Sunday members met for the breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn coffee shop to end the weekend. Simpler times...

Tom scheduled executive and general membership meetings, Commodore's Letters to the Membership, as well as, a calendar of events, and committee assignments. All information, along with the Bylaws and Constitution, were contained in a blue binder for each member. The Commodore worked to update the club charter; investigate and pursue the club's acceptance into I-LYA and AYC, while continuing participation in GCBA and Christie Lane Day. Following this 1994 history are documents that show some of this reorganization and many of the activities that year..

On August 1, 1994 All Ports received notification from the Executive Secretary of I-LYA, J.E. Crain, that the club would be voted into I-LYA membership at the December 3rd Fall meeting. "In the meantime, we welcome you and your Officers and members to any and all of our I-LYA activities." On August 4, 1994 Commodore Stieber sent a letter to the Executive Secretary of AYC requesting membership in their organization. All Ports was officially accepted in 1995 after Huron Yacht Club and Bay Point Yacht Club sponsored All Ports.

Tom ended his year with a change to the by-laws to insure that new officers were sworn-in at the fall meeting, eliminating the "lame-duck" times between the election and the Commodore's installation dinner or ball. Future officers could plan and conduct club activities sooner.

Commodore Tom Stieber and Lady Diane continued to help future officers; worked on commitees, especially Christie Lane; and attended club functions. They have been active AYC delegates since 1996, often traveling over 1500 miles per year. Lady Diane served as club secretary, 2012-2014, and started the Club History for the website. Both Tom and Diane are amazed at how much the club has grown, and how many talented commodores have contributed greatly to All Ports Yacht Club.

Tom and Diane Stieber

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