APYC History - Volume 11

In 1993 John Kula became the Commodore of All Ports. He and Lady Geraldine docked at Huron Lagoons where club activities were held. His boat was named "Navidar," and he docked at D-29. Commodore Kula wanted more club members to dock at Huron Lagoons. Many members did not want to change marinas so there was disagreement and limited club activities that year.

The Kulas have been out of boating since 2001, and they are enjoying different interests and a new home in Lorain, Ohio.

Diane Stieber

Secured the first 'Home Port' for All Ports at Huron Lagoons Marina.
Served as GCBA Secretary and Hospitality Chairman during my year as Commodore.

Tom Taylor's electric knife fish filleting dockside, And fresh fish within an hour of tying up. Can't forget 'Dead Nuts' Ed Fried. Everything was 'Dead Nuts On.' A dock partner you can't forget.

John Kula