APYC History - Volume 8

In 1990 a whirlwind of energy became commodore, Ed Fried. He sold gold jewelry from his boat; loved the club; loved his boat. He was determined that we would become members, so he bought us a membership and told Tom (Stieber) that he was elected his Fleet Captain. Most meetings were conducted on the back of his boat or the boat of Tom Taylor, his best friend. Eddie insisted that the club needed a "service project" to help others. From all the discussions came the idea of "a boat ride on the bay with lunch afterwards." Now all that was needed was a group to invite. Tom Stieber suggested "Christie Lane, a special needs school in Norwalk." Since Tom Stieber was Fleet Captain, he was given the job to make it all happen, and it did. Of course, the women helped with the lunch while the men took care of the boating. It all worked out well. Eddie was very proud of his idea. Commodore Edward D. Fried died July 8, 2006.

Diane Stieber

Past Commodore Tom Taylor, and Lady Judy, have provided the following additional information about Past Commodore Ed Fried.

Commodore Edward Fried (1991) moved from Philadelphia, PA to Norwalk. He loved Lake Erie, parties, and boating. His boat was named "Robin Lynn" for his daughter. His commodore's ball was Nov.16, 1991. Having served in the Navy, Ed was a stickler for dress uniforms, and for a service program. The All Ports service program was extended to Christie Lane in Norwalk, and for two years, to The Betty Rinderle School in Sandusky. In 1992, Ed became the Central Vice President of the International Order of Blue Gavel with Past Commodore Larry McCloskey serving as the International District Director of IOBG. Ed's ashes were scattered in Lake Erie while eight
friends and relatives gathered to honor him with toasts and fond memories.

Judy Taylor
Diane Stieber