APYC History - Volume 2

The "Articles of Incorporation" for All Ports Yacht Club were approved for filing on 3-13-80 at the cost of $25, and were signed by Lester J. Cabot (Sandusky), William J. Lewis (Mentor), and Richard L. Smolik (North Royalton). These three men served as trustees of the corporation until the first meeting was held to elect officers. Lester Cabot was elected Commodore in l980 and again in 1981.

Commodore Cabot and Lady Gloria lived on Bimini Drive in a boat house. Tom and I found them to be very friendly and enthusiastic about the newly founded club. Most of the club members from Venetian occupied the docks along the roadway which is now in the vicinity of "E" dock. There were members from other ports too, giving rise to the club's name. Later, the Cabots sold their boat house to live full time on their boat, the " Morning Glory,"at Venetian Marina. The novelty wore off, and they eventually moved to Florida. Lester Cabot was born May 26,1931 and died March 28, 1991.

Diane Stieber