APYC History - Volume 1

In 1975 Venetian Marina was a cluster of block buildings sitting on dirt and stone driveways. The restrooms were primitive; the pavilion had overhead doors, metal picnic tables, and a fireplace; and, there were repair services. You could drive-up to your fixed dock, or push a metal grocery cart down one long concrete dock. There were many trees and much rip-rap rock edging the area. All in all, it was a friendly, partying marina that provided the site for the start of All Ports Yacht Club in 1980. (Tom and Diane Stieber have docked at Venetian Marina since 1975.)

 Archie Lang, the owner of Venetian Marina, originally used the property as a site for building boats. The Inland Seas Boat Building Company began production in Sandusky in 1957, and the Cleveland plant was shut down in l958 to consolidate all boat building in Sandusky. Boat sizes ranged from 18 ft. to 54 ft. with no two boats being alike. When Inland Seas was closed in 1970, Archie and Arlene Lang established Venetian Marina. When the Langs wanted to retire, they sold Venetian Marina to Hoty Enterprises and retained a dock for their Steel Clipper houseboat, named "The Tin Can."

Hoty Enterprises hired Bob Faflik as it's manager in 1984. Many changes were made to the marina. The marina was completely reconfigured with floating docks in a newly dredged basin, a swimming pool and hot tub, air-conditioned restrooms,and a community room with decks, grills,and picnic tables. Rack storage, paved driveways, security, cable, winter storage,as well as a gas dock and shop facility attracted many boaters. Over the years various business were on the property. There was a marina store with electronics, food, beverages, boating supplies,and nautical clothing,as well as, boat brokerages, and canvas businesses.

In 2003 Dick Henry became the marina manager, and the marina continued with improvements. There were 2 yacht clubs at Venetian for a time: South Shores Cruising Club and All Ports Yacht Club. All Ports Yacht Club remained at Venetian Marina, helping with the Venetian Marina Regatta, as well as inviting all marina members to its poker run and dinner activities.

Diane Stieber