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APYC Past Commodores



Date of Death

1980 - 1981 

Lester J Cabot


1982 Donald L Molnar 1/10/2008
1983 Bill Lewis
1984-1986  inactive
1987 Mike Smith  12/17/22
1988 Ken Alkire 2/21/2005
1989 Howard Haag
1990 Edward D Fried 7/8/2006
1991 Larry McCloskey 5/8/1998
1992 Tom Taylor
1993 John Kula
1994 Tom Stieber
1995 Naomi McCloskey 1/15/2011 
1996 Bob Dotter  9/4/2016
1997 Mike Dobransky
1998 Bob Babik
1999 Tom Hancock 
2000 Kermit Ruegamer 
2001 Jim Simo
2002 Matt Schmidt
2003 Larry Truthan 
2004 Dave Light
2005 George Wilson 
2006 Matt Penn 
2007 Vern Brant 
2008 Mark Weller
2009 Jay Onacila
2010 Rob Ross   11/27/2015
2011 Debora Light 
2012 Paul Bates 
2013 Tom Houser 
2014 Kevin Hoffman
2015 Bruce Knoll
2016 Kristina M. Truthan
2017 Scott Betschman  
2018 Day Armelli  
2019 Erik Mikos  
2020 Randy Long
2021 John Zeh
2022 Anthony Cebull  
2023 Michael Walsh  

APYC History - Volume 1

In 1975 Venetian Marina was a cluster of block buildings sitting on dirt and stone driveways. The restrooms were primitive; the pavilion had overhead doors, metal picnic tables, and a fireplace; and, there were repair services. You could drive-up to your fixed dock, or push a metal grocery cart down one long concrete dock. There were many trees and much rip-rap rock edging the area. All in all, it was a friendly, partying marina that provided the site for the start of All Ports Yacht Club in 1980. (Tom and Diane Stieber have docked at Venetian Marina since 1975.)

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APYC History - Volume 2

The "Articles of Incorporation" for All Ports Yacht Club were approved for filing on 3-13-80 at the cost of $25, and were signed by Lester J. Cabot (Sandusky), William J. Lewis (Mentor), and Richard L. Smolik (North Royalton). These three men served as trustees of the corporation until the first meeting was held to elect officers. Lester Cabot was elected Commodore in l980 and again in 1981.

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APYC History - Volume 3

During Les Cabot's two terms as commodore the constitution and bylaws were written; the club was chartered in 1981; and the club became a member of GCBA, The Greater Cleveland Boating Association.

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APYC History - Volume 4

Bill Lewis is temporarily listed as commodore for 1983. Past Commodore Howard Haag has provided corrections to
the club's list of commodores. However, he is not sure of the date for Bill Lewis. I am currently seeking information
to further clarify the list. Please forward any information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you.

Diane Stieber

APYC History - Volume 5

All Ports was not an active club for a short time. Mike Smith and others decided to reactivate the yacht club. Mike renewed the "Articles of Incorporation" and became the 1987 Commodore of All Ports. He and Lady Jody worked tirelessly to increase membership and participation. Commodore Mike Smith and Lady Jody joined Sandusky Yacht Club too, and he eventually became Commodore of I-LYA in 1996. His participation in All Ports dwindled as he assumed more responsibilities in other boating organizations.

Diane Stieber